März 27, 2017

Get out the Vote Weekend

24th of September is going to be a crucial date for Liberalism in Germany. During four years of not being part in German Bundestag, every single member of FDP Germany did his/her best to get FDP re-elected into the German parliament. We not only changed our appearance, we managed to change the spirit of the whole party. We are focussing on our deepest beliefs again: democracy, individual freedom & progress.

With this invitation, we, Junge Liberale NRW, ask you to support our campaigning in the last important days for general elections between Thursday, the 21st and Sunday the 24th. You can even stay until Monday 25th if you want to join a local election party on Sunday evening 🙂

You can choose to support Junge Liberale in Aachen or In Oberhausen. Our top candidate of Junge Liberale NRW, Roman Müller-Böhm, is campaigning in Oberhausen, so you can directly help him by joining Oberhausen. We will reimburse travel expenses with 0,08€/km, if you don’t travel alone. Moreover, accommodations in Aachen and Oberhausen are free, either at houses of members of JuLis or in a hotel room.

In the following lists, you can find plans for the whole weekend. Plans aren’t fixed yet, maybe some things change but don’t be puzzled: it is not allowed to campaign on election day.

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact our International Officer Charline Kappes (charline.kappes@julis-nrw.de).

We appreciate your support so much. See you!

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Events Aachen:

Events Oberhausen: